Ocean Depths

Project 2


Arctic 2.8% 14,056,000km

Pacific 30.5% 155,557,000km

Indian 14.4% 68,556,000km

Atlantic 20.8% 76,762,000km

Antarctic 4% 20,327,000km

Ocean Depth

*The greatest ocean depths is 10,994m this was taken in he year 2010


Less than 200m below seas level = Mesplelagie

200-1,000 below sea level =Bathypelagic

1,000-4,000 below sea level=Abyssopelagic

4,000-6,000below sea level =Hadopelagic Trenchs

6,000-the rest of the ocean = Trenchs

Coral Reef Facts

*Coral Reefs hold tens thousands marine life

* 1/3 of marine life live in coral reefs

*Coral Reefs are found in less than 150ft deep water and live in tropical, sub-tropical,and all oceans around the world

*Coral Reefs are declining in the ocean due to El Nino,Cyanide poison , Disease, Overfishing , Destructive fishing techniques , Coastal Development , Pollution, and Careless Tourism

3 Whales


Bryde Whale 40-50ft Tropical/Sub-Tropical UNKNOWN

Atlantic Humpback 40-48ft Tropical/Sub-Tropical 4,400-4,500lb

ADULT every day

Antarctic Minke 35ft Southern Hemisphere UNKNOWN



By using tables,charts,and sketches I used mathematical ideas. Intergers were also apart of the project when I had to list the ocean depths . Finally rational numbers where used to tell me the 5 oceans fraction(in percentage form)