War of 1812

Tinnie Young

Causes of the War of 1812 ;

Impressment continues which causes the british blockade. Native Americans attacks on frontier, the british instigated it. A native american tried called Tecumseh tried to unite tribes east of the Mississippi River. The Battle of Tippecanoe was another cause.

Battle Regions ;

Invasion of Canada was a fail. Naval battle accrued and British ships are sinked. The british blockade was still a problem. Chesapeake Campaign happened, the burning down of The White House, capitol, and other government places. Southern Campaign happened, The Battle of Horseshoe band and The Battle of New Orleans happened.

Effects of the War of 1812 ;

Americans gained world wide respect. America recognizes Canada as peaceful neighbors. Federalists look bad bc of Hartford Convention. Native Americans lose land and power. Factories are built because of British blockade. Jackson and Harrison are new war heroes arise and become influential in politics.