10 reasons why you should eat Kiwi's

- Protects Cardiovascular System

- Protects Respiratory System

- Provides Digestive Enzymes

- Manages Blood Pressure

- Removes Excess Sodium

-Supports Pregnancy

- Boosts Immunity

- Prevents Cancer

- Protects Eyes

- High in Fibre

Not only does kiwi help manage your blood pressure, but it is also a smart carb for losing weight. A kiwi is filled with nutrition, which helps you improve your digestive health.

The peak season of the kiwi is between March and June. The kiwi is grown in New Zealand and the Chilean. It is grown other places but those are the main places.

Fun fact

Kiwis has been known for 700 years. They were first grown in China where they were called Yang Toa (Sunny Peach). They where given to the great Kahn rulers because they are a beautiful green colour and they taste delicious.