November and December Newsletter

From the Office of Student Activities

Happy November Greyhounds!

We hope everyone did well on their midterms and is ready for the changing season! Here are a few November reminders:

  • We have clarified some important details with Malika in Event Services that you all need to be made aware of:

    Malika needs 5 business days to process the requests. This means you will not receive the confirmation until 5 business days after we submit it to Malika. Because of this, we are asking for a minimum of 7 business days for all general meetings, and 2 week minimum of all other event requests, especially those that require any type of extras (tech, food, room arrangements, etc). This way, you will receive the confirmation and still have enough time to advertise/get the word to your members when event reservations have been confirmed.

    We know that it’s been confusing this semester, and we appreciate your flexibility and patience. Event Services has been short-staffed this fall, and they are working very hard to run everything smoothly. Please make sure to relay this information to any members of your groups submitting reservation requests.

  • Please make sure to include your group's name when submitting an event request form, we have had multiple requests include what department it is sponsored through but not the name of the club itself.

Be on the Lookout for our Leadership Transition Workshop Next Semester!

We know it is crunch time right now for a lot of students, and want to make sure not to add any other stress. Because of that, we have decided to push our Leadership Transition workshop to the beginning of next semester. This will give groups enough time to understand the process needed throughout the semester and have a grace period with any new leadership.

Club of the month

Congratulations to the Financial Management Association!

When asked why FMA should be Club of the Month, Vice President Samantha Lulov said:

"Students gain unique opportunities to network with business students, professionals, and alumni. Students have the ability to learn about opportunities for internships and gain real-world business knowledge. We would love to showcase the club to others who may be unaware of the organization. In the future, we hope to appeal to a greater number of students and provide them with opportunities to enhance their existing business knowledge/network."

The group recently took a trip to NYC to visit two large banks: JP Morgan Chase and BNY Mellon! They were also able to network with Loyola alumni at the firms.

Club of the Month - November - FMA

Great Opportunities

Want to Sponsor Midnight Breakfast?

Did you know that your club could sponsor Midnight Breakfast? This is a great opportunity to reach and connect with students about what makes your club awesome, and spread the word! Let us know if you are interested and we will connect you with our Late Night team. You could also help decide the menu!

Career Center Jump Start

The Career Center offers workshops to help students explore and navigate the process of deciding on and applying for jobs. They also tailor these workshops to the groups they are meeting with--and a club could bring them to specifically work with their members! Contact to learn more.

SGA Updates


Q: How do I know my club's fund balance?

A: Unless a club has its own GL, money does not roll over year to year. Because of this, only the money that has been deposited through Student Activities this year counts towards a group's budget. If you have not made any deposits, you do not have a budget. This is separate from any money requested through SGA.