December 2017 FOCUS

Bowie Baptist Association

Contend for the Faith

Southerland Springs, once known simply as a small town near San Antonio, is now synonymous with the violence increasingly common to society. On November 5th, twenty-six innocents died having gathered moments earlier at the First Baptist Church for worship. It wasn’t the first such shooting. Here in East Texas we remember Dangerfield and Wedgwood. But this one comes so soon after other incidents, Las Vegas and the New York bicycle path attack for example, that the emotions are overwhelming.

In the wake of these events we hear an endless cacophony of media personalities debating what actions must occur to put an end to such deeds. Unfortunately, most miss the point. They address the issue as if we have a gun problem, or a terror problem, when, in fact, we have a heart problem. To quote Henry Brandt, “the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart.”

Let me ask a question. Amid a culture that devalues life, abandons restraint, and fuels self-worship, what else should we expect? Romans 1:28-30 says, “And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness…” Such is life in a fallen world.

So, what’s the answer? It’s not a new law, although we can have that debate. After all, government exists to provide boundaries limiting the extremes to which a sinful humanity may reach.

But to really address the problem, we must return to the Gospel. Preach Jesus! Teach men, women, boys and girls how to love Him, walk with Him, and serve Him! In Jude 3, Paul says that, while he wanted to encourage his protégé about their shared salvation in Christ, he “… found it necessary to write, appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”

Thanksgiving is here. Christmas is coming. Don’t yield to the despair of the 24/7 news cycle. Jesus Christ is alive and well. Let’s show the world that this is so.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6 (ESV)

Bro. Jim

One More Thing! On Saturday Dec. 16th, beginning at 8:00 AM, Cross View Baptist is hosting a church security seminar led by Kenny Sanders. Kenny, with the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department, is a nationally respected authority on church vulnerability and security. He also happens to be a lay pastor, having served as interim pastor for numerous congregations in our area. Bring your safety / security team members!

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Walk Through Bethlehem

See the shops & visit with the merchants as your guide walks with you through the market place of the city of Bethlehem.

Midway Baptist Church

December 2-3, 6:00pm—8:30pm

December 9-10, 6:00pm—8:30pm

For information on how you can help, please contact the church at 903-334-9707

BBA Pastor's Monthly Fellowship

Monday, Dec. 4th 2017 at 10am

6601 Jones Lane

Texarkana, TX

A time for pastors of the Bowie Baptist Association to gather for coffee and fellowship. The schedule is the 1st Monday of every month, 10 am, at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

Administrative Team Meeting

The next Administrative Committee Meeting will be December 12th, 10:00 AM, at the BBA Office. Meetings are open to participation from interested persons within the association.

Crossview Baptist Church - Church Security Seminar

Cross View Baptist Church (3268 North FM 2148, Texarkana, TX) will be hosting a "Church Security Seminar" Saturday, December 16 from 8 am to 12 pm. The class is free and open to anyone from any church. Kenny Sanders, (Retired) Captain-Academy Director of the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department will be our instructor.

The class starts with an overview of church violence and a threat assessment of the church building and operating procedures. Then, it moves to the development of church security plans in the event that something does go wrong. This training is based on years of research data from actual acts of church violence. It has been featured on Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC. The course has been taught hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the four states area.

For those who are interested, please RSVP by contacting the church office 903-794-6066.

2017 Christmas Programs

Myrtle Springs

November 30th, December 1st & December 3rd, 7 pm - "A Mountain Christmas Memory"

Presented by choir & drama team

Highland Park

December 10th, 10:45 am - "Here With Us"

Liberty Eylau

December 17th, 6 pm - "Family Night at Christmas"

New Boston FBC

December 3rd, 6 pm - "Hanging of the Green"

December 17th, 6 pm - "Christmas Carol Sing"

Pleasant Grove

December 17th, 6 pm - "At Last, Noel"

Upward Basketball & Cheerleading Squad

Registration is open now with practices beginning in December. (K - 6th grade) To register or for more information, contact Liberty Eylau Bapitst Church at 903-832-7526. Click here for more information.

For the Sake of One - A Foster & Orphan Care Ministry

For the Sake of One is a local non-profit that advocates for the foster care community.

There are numerous way in which you can help:

  • organizing the resource room
  • encourage case workers
  • mentor biological parents
  • support foster families
  • become a foster family

For more information you may contact the director, Angela Coston.

Phone: 903-329-0566



Bi-State School of Ministry

The Call: How God Shapes You for Ministry is the Spring Semester class for the Bi-State School of Ministry. Students will explore how God shapes disciples ministry, including the spiritual and practical preparation essential for effective service. A core component of the Diploma in Christian Ministry, this class is appropriate for anyone seeking to grow as a servant of Christ and His church.

This class is offered Mondays, beginning January 15, 6 to 9 PM, at First Baptist Church, Wake Village, Texas. Dr. Jim Turnbo is the instructor. For information contact the association at 903-831-0194 or Bro. Jim by e-mail at

Churches Seeking Staff

Please continue to pray for the numerous churches in the Association that are seeking staff members.


  • Victory City
  • Midway FBC
  • Old Salem

Worship Leader:

  • Hooks FBC


  • Pleasant Grove (903-838-5558)

Youth Leader:

  • Flower Acres (903-824-8412)
  • Korean Mission
  • New Boston FBC
  • Midway FBC - Send resume to 1415 FM 2148, Texarkana, TX 75501, ATTN: Youth Minister Search Committee
  • Cross View - Send resume to 3268 North FM 2148, Texarkana, TX 75503, ATTN: Youth Search Committee

For more information, you may contact the respective congregations with the information provided, or contact the BBA Office.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

December 3rd - December 10th.

Starting in 1888, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® was established to empower the international missions efforts for Southern Baptists. After more than a century, the annual offering continues its steady growth. The National Goal this year is $160 Million. Your giving enables missionaries to be sent to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God.

For more information about the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and promotional materials for your church, click here.

2017 Week of Prayer for International Missions

December 3rd - December 10th

Day 1 - Bagby Family, Nepal

Day 2 - Muslims of Russia

Day 3 - Jones Family, Japan

Day 4 - Mexico City Team

Day 5 - The Forgotten Refugee

Day 6 - Mikeska Family, London

Day 7 - What God Has Done - World Wide

Day 8 - Why Prayer Matters - World Wide

For more information about these missionaries and their stories, click here.

2018 Meeting Locations

January 16, 2018

12 Noon

DeKalb FBC

April 17, 2018

6:00 PM

Hooks FBC

July 24, 2018

12 Noon

BBA Office

September 18, 2018

6:00 PM

Cross View Baptist Church

2018 BBA Partnership Celebration & Annual Meeting

October 21st, 2018

Wake Village FBC


D-Life is a relational disciple making approach where groups of 3 to 8 men or women commit together to do several things:

· Read a chapter of the Bible daily

· Meet for an hour once weekly for fellowship, accountability, prayer, and Bible study

· Complete a ministry project at least once every two months

· Multiply / form a new group at least once every year

If you are interested in joining a D-Life group, contact Bro. Jim.

December 2017

3-10 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering & Week of Prayer for International Missions

10 Pastor's Monthly Fellowship, Pleasant Grove, 10 am

12 Administrative Team Meeting, BBA Office, 10 am

25 Christmas Day

25 - Jan 1 BBA Office closed

January 2018

1 New Years Day

4 BBA Pastor's Monthly Fellowship, 10 am, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

9 Administrative Team Meeting, 10 am, BBA Office

15 Martin Luther King Jr Day

16 Executive Board Meeting, 12 Noon, DeKalb FBC

December Friendship Center

  • Circle J Cowboy Church
  • Buchanan FBC
  • Cross Pointe
  • Everett
  • Gravel Hill
  • Highland Park
  • Moss Springs
  • Plantation

These churches have been asked by the Friendship Center to get involved in the food drive for this month. The Center needs all kinds of canned goods, flour, corn meal, dried beans, macaroni and cheese, powdered milk, baby foods and formulas, and diapers. Any effort made for the Friendship Center will be appreciated. Some churches have chosen to include the Friendship Center in their annual budget and send a monthly check for support.

Runnin’ WJ Ranch needs financial support, volunteers, and supplies as well.

Associational Staff

Dr. Jim Turnbo

Associational Missionary

Valerie Mills

Ministry Assistant

Paul Burkhalter

Ministry Training Director

Heath Coston

Baptist Student Minister

Fraternal Organizations

Sam Clem

Runnin’ WJ Ranch

Edna Walker

Hospitality Director

Cody Howard

Friendship Center Director