Nord's Newsletter

March 21-25, 2016

Zoo Pageant

King and Queen of the Zoo

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The students shared their animal reports on Wednesday before we broke away for spring break. The kids were so EXCITED for this day! They ALL did a fantastic job with writing their report and sharing in front of their peers too. Once everyone was done reading their report, the students voted for Queen and King of the Zoo based off of presentation of animal and persuasion of how wonderful their animal is too. As you heard or can see in the photo above, Zeama the Shark and Clyde the Clown Fish won the Pageant.

Our next unit of study is Nutrition, Health & Safety. The students will be partnered up to complete a series of tasks/assignments/readings by following a matrix of the activities they need to complete, which is a lot different than in previous units. I will work with different groups to check in with them but the majority of time the students will be working with their partner.


I will be reviewing with the students looking for cause and effect situations in stories this week before they take Unit 4 Assessment, which they will take on Thursday.


Unit 8....Multiplication and Division

This week, we will be working on measuring to the nearest quarter of an inch. Then, we switch gears to multiplication and division but with extended facts.
For example:
8 x 20, 6 x 40, 270/9, 450/5.
By the end of the week, the students will be finding factors of counting numbers.

**Keep practicing math facts at home.

Schedule for the Week

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art and Library

Wednesday: PE
*Tornado Drill*

Thursday: Music

Friday: Guidance & Computer Lab