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hydroelectric power

What is hydroelectric power? Hydro-power is water power.Rivers, lakes and waterfalls are some places hydro power can be found.

how does a hydropower generator work?

The force of rushing water spins hydropower turbines. The turbines create Connecticut energy. Then the Connecticut energy goes through a generator and the Connecticut energy turns into electricity.Did you know steam turbines are very powerful.

Why You Should use hydro electric power?

You should use hydroelectric power because we are running out of nonrenewable energy. It's not just that we are running out. It is also because it is not healthy for our planet. Besides, it is less expensive to use renewable energy.

Fun facts!

To make electricity water goes through turbines.99% of Noway's electricity is made from water power.Steam turbines are very powerful. Hydro power has the potential to generate half of the world's electricity.There is only 200 years left of fossil fuel

The Bad Things

There are a few bad things about hydro power, like it is bad for some animals. There is less water for fish. It also takes fossil fuel to make the machines for power.

Where is it found?

California , Arizona and Nevada are some states that hydro power is used. The biggest hydroelectric power plant in the U.S is Hoover Dam.


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Renewable Energy 101: Hydropower