Elizabeth I:Bad Ruler of England

By Mustafa Abdelfadeel and Brenden Bitterman

Brief Bio


Elizabeth was born in 1533 to King Henry VIII and his 2nd wife Anne Boleyn. When she was young, her father beheaded her mother. Later on, she was raised by her father's 6th wife.


The education Elizabeth received was similar to the one royal sons received. It was excellent. She was under the instruction of a private tutor. She studied public speaking,history and moral philosophy. She also spoke multiple languages such as Greek, Latin,French and Italian fluently.

Rise to Power:

Elizabeth's family, the Tudors, came into royal power in England following the War of the Roses. In 1558, after the death of her half sister, Elizabeth succeeded to the throne. She moved quickly to solve the religious problems she inherited from her sister. Elizabeth's reign ushered in a new era.

Why was Elizabeth I a bad ruler?

In our opinion, we think Elizabeth should go for multiple reasons.

  • She refused to share power by marrying.
  • She had a bad temper. She once stabbed someone in the hand with a knife.
  • She was harsh to anyone who displeased her. If someone annoyed her, she would hurt them and or throw things at them.
  • In her later years,she was heavily in debt and she died with 400,000 pounds in debt.
  • Avoided finding a solution to the crown and parliament. This led to problems with her successors.

Absolute Ruler

When one person has complete control