THS Choir Newsletter

April 3rd, 2022

Weekly Calendar

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All after school rehearsals are Monday (Treble) and Wednesday (T/B)

Varsity Treble is MONDAY and T/B is WEDNESDAY. Absences must be cleared ahead of time and entered into the conflict form. A grade will be taken. Excused absences must be approved BEFORE the rehearsal. Students can do a make up assignment that is due three days after the rehearsal.

After school rehearsal schedule

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Fine Arts Festival THIS SATURDAY. Help needed.

We will be hosting the fine arts festival this Sat. We need help setting up/tearing down and hosting. There will be three shifts and student can earn 1 letter jacket point per shift.

Friday: 2:45 - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - 1pm

Saturday: 12pm - 5pm.

Students need to wear jeans and a choir shirt.

Fine Arts Festival

Saturday, April 9th, 9am

30330 Quinn Road

Tomball, TX

THS will be hosting the Fine Arts Festival and we need several students volunteers to help. Three shifts: Friday 2:56 - 5, Sat 8 - 1 and 12 - 5. Students can earn community service and letter jacket points for helping. Wear jeans and a choir shirt/polo.
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Tentative UIL schedule. More information to come

Wednesday April 20th: Klein Cain HS

Non Varsity Treble (1st period)

2:20 warm up; 2:40 Stage performance; 3:00 sightreading

Thursday, April 21st: Willis HS

Varsity Tenor Bass (2nd and 3rd period)

9:20am Warm up; 9:40 Stage performance; 10:00 Sightreading

Varsity Treble (3rd and 4th period)

12:20 Warm up; 12:40 Stage performance; 1:00 Sightreading

Varsity Mixed (3rd period)

1:40 Warm up; 2:00 Stage performance; 2:20 Sightreading

Mark Your Calendar: Trip Meeting 4/25

All students and chaperones going on the trip should be paid in full. Mark your calendars: There is a mandatory meeting for all parents of students attending the trip on Monday, April 25th at 6:30pm in the choir room. We will provide paperwork, itinererires and information on the trip. We will send out an email as the date gets closer.

Pop Show Information

Ideas: Pop show seems like it is far away, but we are starting to plan. Students can send us ideas for group songs. They must be audience appropriate on JWPepper as a choral arrangement. Students can click here for the suggestion form.

Solo auditions: Solo auditions for the pop show will be after school on April 25th, 26th and 27th. Students will sign up on a sign up genius to auditions. Auditions need to be "performance ready" so students that are interested need begin preparing now. Here are some audition guidelines.

  • Solos or small groups must be less than 3 minutes or editable to 3 minutes
  • There are a limited number of slots.
  • Students must provide the lyrics and a cd or mp3 with NO VOICES.
  • You must provide a copy of the lyrics.
  • All content must be audience appropriate.

The pop show is May 16th at 7pm in the THS auditorium.

Past Due

Handbook and Medical form (8/27)

District Fee ($20.00: 9/3)

Cut time student sign in (8/27)

District Music $10.00

Varsity Polo ($25.00)

Opera Tickets ($15.00)

Spring Trip Deposit ($50.00)

Choir Fee ($35.00)

October Trip Payment ($75.00)

November Trip Payment ($75.00)

December Trip Payment (75.00)

January Trip Payment (75.00)

February Trip Paymnet 75.00

Solo and Ensemble Fee (15.00)

Final Trip fee (75.00)

Click here to view the THS choir handbook

The signature page and medical form will be sent home at the beginning of the week. If you would like a printed copy, please email Mrs Brewer or Mr Michaelis

Click here for the Chaperone Link

This must be filled out every school year and must be completed before anyone can chaperone a TISD event or volunteer at THS.

Sign up for Remind

Parents and students are encourage to sign up for our Remind texting app. Text the codes below to 81010

Concert Treble (1st per):@he343h8

Concert T/B (2nd period):@kbc8k8

Varsity Chorale (3rd period): @be3f49

Advanced Treble (4th period):@k33f4

Please note...

There are several fees referenced in the newsletter. If there are any items that cause a financial strain on your family, PLEASE contact one of the directors. We do not want any of our activities to cause financial stress, nor a child's involvement to be cost prohibitive.