Credible Circumstance

Madison McLaughlin

Cyber Bullying vs Face to Face Bullying

Imagine you are looking on your Snapchat and there is a list of cruel words calling you stupid or ugly. I know that would upset me. It would be rightfully upsetting too. I believe that cyber bullying is worse than normal bullying. The reasons I believe cyber bullying is worse than normal bullying are being behind a screen gives the bully a false sense of courage, the victim may not have a way to get support, and there are many ways cyber bullying can happen. Bullying stops when you leave the situation but cyber bullying follows you ( Reece Tamikia, 2012. )

Keyboard Courage

Victims usually don't know who the bully is. Sometimes not being able to see someone face gives you confidence. Being anoumos makes you think you are doing nothing wrong (Reece Tamekia, 2012.) Once a mean email, picture, or video is put online it is up there for everyone to see forever. Neither you or the bully can take it back. (Even on Snapchat it dosen't vanish forever.) Lots of people think everything online is true, even on social media pages. There are so many people in the world that the person bullying you could be a stranger.

Tech Support

Second, good helpful support is hard to find. With cyber bullying and your friends may not be with you to support you. You may not have proof of who is doing the bullying to show a teacher or principle. Your friends might "shun" you for fear that the bully will start cyber bullying them. Your parents can not be over your shoulder your whole life.

Mean In Many Forms

Cyber bullying comes in many forms, but no matter witch form it is a bad one. Cyber bullying could be just a mean email, a threat, posted hurtful words, or embarrassing pictures. There are a number of places online that can house bullying: via email, at a website, a blog, or social media sites. Cyber bullying could be just one cruel word to constant harassing. so even if you get face to face bullied it is probably not as cyber bullying.

The Real Deal

Bullying can physically hurt you like a black eye or bloody nose. Have you ever heard of the old term sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Yet bullies know how to get to you and make you cry. Finally, people could use the cyber bullying as an opportunity to turn against you. So even thought you could get physically hurt it eventually goes away but once someone puts a mean comment online in stays up forever and could follow you till you get a job.

In Review

In conclusion, I believe that cyber bullying is definitely worse than normal bullying. Let's go back to when you where checking your Snapchat. Compare your feelings from that to the feeling of someone just coming up to you and being face to face mean. Remember which one would follow you and witch one will not. You know the reasons I believe cyber bullying is really bad witch are keyboard courage, tech support, and mean in many forms.


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