Wednesday Update

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Escondido Vision Statement

Our school empowers its students to achieve their personal-best academically, socially and emotionally in order to make a positive impact on the world.

Principal Message

March 25, 2020

Dear Escondido Families,

Welcome to Escondido’s weekly Wednesday Principal communication! I hope that this message finds you and your family well. I hope you had the opportunity to review our superintendent's latest community message that was sent around 1:30 PM this afternoon. In summary, all PAUSD schools will remain closed through a minimum of May 1st in alignment with school districts across all Bay Area counties. For his complete message, please click here. The staff and I have been continuing to work together to help support families to create home school routines and connections with your children. Now that we are entering Phase 2 of our work, I want to continue to direct you to the new Flexible Learning Options (FLOs),, that were posted this past Monday on the District’s website. The FLOs will be updated by our district office at the start of each week.

I want to thank all of you for your support and the strong home-to-school partnership that we have created this past week. Escondido was already a strong community, but over the last eight days, I have a renewed admiration for each and every one of you! Having a strong partnership with the school community, and especially your classroom teachers, is precisely what our young students need right now. I also am meeting with our PTA Executive Board later this week to further plan our work together over the next couple of weeks. I appreciate their dedication to our school staff, community, and students!

By now all students should have received communications either by phone, email or face-to-face ZOOM chat with their classroom teacher as teachers employ and engage in a variety of means of communicating with your children. They have provided learning opportunities and schedules to follow at home and all are dedicated to the learning and care of their students.

As mentioned above, we are in the Phase II cycle of our online learning plan and this cycle will last until April 3. Spring Break remains the same, April 6-10. When we left school on March 13, we hoped that the closure would end after Spring Break. Today, however, we learned that this is no longer the case, and we are preparing to move into a new phase of distance learning after Spring Break on April 13. This will include more structured activities and expectations and allow you flexibility in scheduling student work periods during your day. Consistency will be maintained within our grade levels. Teachers will continue to plan times within the week for classes to come together in large or small groups. You will receive information from your children’s teachers to guide you into this work as we get closer to Spring Break.

Our Family Engagement Specialist, Christian Muñoz, and the Escondido office staff have been coordinating with families who may need support with access to the internet during Phase III. If your home does not have internet access, please contact Christian Muñoz at In addition, a computer/laptop device will be needed to complete school work during Phase III. If your child needs a device, please let us know. Contact Davina Byrd at before noon Friday, March 27th and in the subject line write Student Device Request. Escondido has already loaned over 200 devices to students and our district office is committed to supporting our students as best as we can.

Please know the entire school staff misses our students very much. Trust me when I say that we have some of the most dedicated, creative, and gifted teachers at Escondido who are prepared to make the best effort during these challenging times. Stay focused on the positive as best as you can, and please let know me if you need help with anything.


Marcela S. Simoes de Carvalho, Ed.D., NBCT


Share Your Fun Moments: Multi-aged Learning

The Jacobs family studied the solar system last week. Hats off to mom who got all three kids, (Kinder, 3rd and 5th graders) to learn, paint and put together the solar system!

Please send me photos of your children reading, playing, exercising and being creative during the school closure. With your permission, I will share them with our community.