Native americans

by Christian Marrone

western Frontier

The Government took the homes and lands from the Native Americans.After the Government took the home and lands from the Native American they went to the black hills.

Western Frontier

Westward Expansion Rap

Following the buffalo

By the mid 1850, miners, railroad,cattle drives and farmers came to the plains.Each group dealt another blow to the Native Americans way of life.

Threats to the buffalo

  • Western settlers started killing the buffalo in order to feed Railroad crews and to stop herds from blocking trains.Native Americans follow their food source of buffalo.


  • In the 1860 the Indians peace commission recommended moving the native Americans to a few large reservations.The United states government forced Native Americans to move off their land.

Changing culture

  • Reformers wanted to abolish the reservations.Dawes act- wanted Native Americans to become farmers and United states citizens. This weakened their traditions.

The results were:

* The United states government forced Native american to move off their land.Sometimes killing them to get their land.