5 Themes of Geography:

The Austin Edition By: Katya Ehresman


This picture shows the relative location of Austin located in the state of Texas. In this, it shows Austin's relative location to the 3 other largest cities in Texas; Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Austin is located a bit southeast of the middle of Texas but is known for being "deep in the heart of Texas".


This place is called Austin's Graffiti Park in Clarksville, Texas. This park not only shows the diversity that Austin's culture has to offer, but also takes part in the night life culture that is notorious for down town Austin. The physical description of this park is one that everyone who cares to can change! This park really brings the characters in down town to life.

Human Enviornment intervention

The innerspace caverns in Austin are a perfect example of the Human-environment interaction. The environment originally used this cavern as a underground river tunnel which carved out the intricate designs that the caverns are famous for! Society changed this natural beauty not physically, but they used the caverns for their own business deal and for their needs to fit the economically changing times.


The regional comparisons between New York, New York and Austin, Texas are the ideas that both cities value the agricultural beauty and make it apart of their cities culture. They both also tend to keep it closer to their downtown areas where buildings tower high, but share their space with park and nature life. These are both functional and formal region similarities because they focus around their downtown and park areas, but share the same views on what is important agriculture wise.


The progression of Zilker Park's movement is evident in these 3 pictures. Through out the years since founded during the Great Depression in 1930's, Zilker Park has grown and expanded larger and moves through and around the downtown city of Austin. The city continues to expand this park because of the need for space for many events held here. The need for more seated space for our ever-expanding ACL festival as well as fast growing population is one of the causes for the continued expansion of Zilker Park, but that along with other needs and suggestions from the city council is what allows this nationally known park to grow and move through time.