Ashley Rose

Personal Finance, 2nd hour

Financial goal

Specific: To start saving money for college, either MU or Truman State.

Measurable: To save $100,000 over four years of college.

Attainable: Can work while in high school, summer, and college while saving little bits from each check.

Realistic: With working on getting scholarships, FASFA, and working it is realistic.

Timely: Will get a loan, can pay over time to pay it off

Educational Goal

Specific: to make straight A's or a 4.0 this semester

Measurable: Earning a minimum of a 90% in each class

Attainable: completing and turning in all assignments on time, studying daily, asking for help, getting no less than an 85% on all tests or quizzes

Realistic: I am usually an All A and a few B student

Timely: By the May, or end of semester