Reiki Circle at Avalon Park

Yoga and Reiki

Please join us once again for Yoga and Reiki in the Barn at Avalon Park!

Gina and Josh Morin would like to invite you for two and a half hours of bliss.

At 6:30 pm come flow with us for a one hour all levels yoga class. This yoga class is held every Wednesday in the Barn. Taught by Gina Morin

Gina will guide you on your mat to feel the body, breath, and heart. Each of Ginas classes are supported with a heartfelt theme that is coded into the body . As we move our ears will be blessed with the sounds of the Harmonium played by Josh Morin.

At 7:45 sharp please stay and join us for our Reiki circle. Students are asked to lay in their most comfortable position supported with blankets and bolsters completely relaxed. Reiki Masters Gina and Josh Morin give each student a 10 - 15 minute full body Reiki Healing Treatment.

Reiki is the life force energy that flows through us all. During a treatment Gina and Josh lay hands over the body and Chakras (energy centers) to restore optimal flow of that life force energy in each student. A Reiki treatment can be compared to acupuncture but without the needles. Students leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and very relaxed.

The details :

Yoga is from 6:30-7:30 and drop ins are $12

Reiki Circle starts at 7:45 sharp and runs until 9:00 the latest. $10

Please feel free to join in on one or both classes

Yoga and Reiki will be held in the Barn at Avalon Park

60 Shep Jones lane, Stonybrook

From Nicolls road North:

Take Nicolls North to the end and make a Left onto 25a

take 25a to the end and make a Right onto Main street

Make your first Left onto Harbor road at the duck pond

Take your second left onto Shep Jones Lane which is a dirt road

The Barn is on the left you will see open gates and a gravel driveway