Telecommunication Room

Piney Creek Elementary School

Wires, Wires Everywhere

A server room is what houses all of the connections for the computers in your school.

Our server is mainly a room full of "switches". Each numbered switch correlates to a computer in a classroom; giving desktops Internet access. Wireless connections are completely different.

Newer closets are better organized than ours.

Both closets are locked with padlock. Only technicians and principals have keys that access these rooms.

The room is climate controlled. Some even have humidifiers etc.

The computer attached to the server is in case our server ever shuts down or in the case of a power outage. This allows access to reboot the server.

Planning for 2014-2015

Next year, instead of a server at each school location, there will be one server for the entire county. This will let us access our bookmarks, accounts, etc. There will be no general log ins for students or staff.

Students will also be encouraged to bring their own device. This will allow for an open but very filtered network.

There is a planning committee for Alleghany County Schools. It consists of the CO admins, technicians, the Board of Education, principals, and some teachers.