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500 Fortune Companies

History and Influence of Fortune 500

Since 1955 Fortune magazine has produced an annual list of the 500 US corporations with the highest gross revenue. The rankings are based on the revenue figures for each company's previous fiscal year (the end date for which may differ from company to company). The Fortune 100 is the top 100 corporations from the 500 list and the Fortune 1000 is the extended version. Both use the same ranking criteria.

Aside from simply detailing the biggest revenue generating corporations, the Fortune 500 list allows us to see a snapshot of America's commercial progress, where the money has gone and how it's moved to new industries over time.

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Profits of US$610 billion, the corporations comprising the Fortune 500 could buy the entire annual economic output of the nations of Brazil, India or South Korea.

Even more impressive, with revenues of US$ 9.1 trillion, if the Fortune 500 were seen as a nation they would have the second largest economy in the world, bigger than the economies of the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan combined. If the Fortune 500 constituted a nation they could absorb the US budget.

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