Ancient Egypt News

By: Lauren Jones

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The climate is warm and dry with little rainfall by the Nile River. It's a good place to live near because of the fertile soil which is good for farming. The Egyptians used the Nile River for many things including bathing, cleaning dishes and catching fish. They irrigated their farms using water collected in flood holes and distributed to the crops by using shadoofs.


The Egyptians believed in many gods and goddesses. They worshiped gods like Ra the sun god, Anubis the death god , Bastet the goddess of love and joy, Isis the protector of children, and many more. The Egyptians preformed mummification to preserve the body in the afterlife. Pharaohs and Kings were mummified because they were considered most important. The pyramids were the first tombs of the pharaohs. The Valley of the Kings is where many of the pharaohs were buried.


The Egyptians created Hieroglyphics which are symbols that represent words. They also created papyrus from the reed papyrus and shadoofs which helped with farming. The Great Pyramids of Giza are one of the only lasting pyramids. They are a mystery because we don't know how they were made. They also created the 365-day calendar, number system including fractions,and square shaped sails to name a few.


Politics isn't very complicated in Egypt the pharaoh position just passes down Father-Son-Father-Son for many dynasties. If the Pharaoh doesn't have a son the position goes to his nephew. Hatsheput was one of the only females to rule Egypt. Rhames II built cities and many monument during his 66 year reign. King Khufu undertook what became the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Priests Nobles and Scribes were also included in the government.


Trading is very important to the Egyptians because they need materials that they don't have.The Egyptians could trade Linen, Papyrus, and Gold. They received form trading Ebony, Cedar Wood, and Iron.

Social Structure

The Egyptians have a social pyramid.

On the top of the pyramid is the Pharaohs because they are the rulers of Egypt.

Below the Pharaohs are the Priests ( wore robes and shaved their heads bald) and the Nobles because they preform tasks for the king.

Below them are the Traders because they trade with other people to create allies.

Below the traders are the Farmers and the Herders because they bring things for the King and the city.

Below everyone are the unskilled workers and the enslaved people ( prisoners of war) they have no importance.