By: Paola Gonzalez, Landon King, and Lauren Woods

History of Earthquakes in our Region

Some may know that back in 1811, one of the strongest earthquakes occurred and people in Pennsylvania and Virginia. They were up to 7.5-8.0. The aftershocks were up to 6.0-7.0 magnitude in the next few days. Enough to take down homes. The Mississippi River went backwards due to this quake. Back in 1812, the vibration alone destroyed hundreds of chimneys and warped the ground by going up and down like waves caused by liquefaction. It created new lakes as in Reel Lake in Tennessee. Now you may be thinking what does all this have to do with you today. Well, you might say this will never effect me, but you would be wrong. These type of earthquakes are going to happen in the next 50 years or so. They say it will be stronger than last time. Even if they happen miles and miles away, you will still fell the aftershocks that travel around the world. Some as strong as 7 magnitude. We are all living on the New madrid fault that could break the U.S. in half, literally. So don't say it won't affect you because IT can and IT will.

Medical Safety

Have a first-aid bag somewhere it is easy to find and everyone in the house knows where it is. You need a flashlight, first-aid kit, water, canned/dry food, scissors, clean hand towels, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, instant ice packs, and battery powered radio.

First-aid Kit: Aspirin, sterile cotton swabs/balls, sterile bandages, absorbance, medical gloves, sterile gauze, medical tape, neosporin, eye drops, splinting materials

Home Safety

Have a plan, talk to your family and come up with a safe zone, somewhere that is easy to get to from any side of the house. Bolt bookcases to wall studs, install strong latches on cupboards, and strap the water heater to the wall studs. Also keep heavy things off of high shelves so they do not fall on you if an earthquake happen to occur. Purchases house insurance. If you’re outside when an earthquake is occurring, stay away from anything that can fall on you such as tree branches or power lines. If inside, stay away from anything that could fall on you such as bookshelves or pictures that are hanging on the wall. Stay away from windows and stay indoors until the shaking stops. Also remember that there are aftershocks, so if you feel them drop, cover, and hold on.

Knowing your consequences if you're not earthquake ready

If you’re not prepared you or your family can get severely injured or even get killed!! If you don't put stuff on low shelves things can fall on you and you can get hurt. Being prepared for an earthquake will help you and your family a lot. What if you don’t know what to do if there is an earthquake? It could cost you your family or even friends. Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses. Even if you think the earthquake won't happen in your area, the aftershocks may still affect you.