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Sahar Nissan and Lior Yahud

Mobile Libary in Dharwad and Hubli

in Dharwad and Hubli, India there is a mobile libary who gives people books.

Shilpa Malgimani, homemaker who resides at Manjunath Nagar, said the mobile library service in Hubli city is provided only for three days from Thursday to Saturday. And in these three days the vehicle has to cover more than 40 points in the city, approximately 30km a day.

"As the library is about 5 km from our residential area, we depend more on the mobile service. But the mobile library comes once a week. Sometimes, it doesn't come at all. When we asked the authorities why the mobile library doesn't come regularly, we were told that there was only one vehicle which had to cover the entire district,'' she said.

Bhavana V K, said that the mobile library hadn't been coming to their area for the past few days. "There should be one vehicle each for Hubli and Dharwad. This will cut down on the long wait for the books and will also facilitate quicker rotation of books,'' she said.

Around 10,000 books including magazines and literature books available

Vehicle visits Veerapur Oni, Akshay Colony, Shirur Park, Vidyanagar, Bailappanavar Nagar, Deshpande Nagar, Basaveshwar Nagar, Vijay Nagar etc in Hubli. Radakrishna Nagar, Kalyan Nagar, K C Park, Saraswatpur, Keshav Nagar etc in Dharwad
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Books in the Midst of Violence: The Mobile Library