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Cheetah Travel will provide you with the safest and most luxurious traveling experience. We'll take you the the best parts of Maui and give you a trip you deserve.

Top Promotion and Deal

5 night spend in The Westin Maui Resort and Spa including free breakfast and 15% off spa discount and a tour to various historical places. All activities paid for a total of $2,000 for each person. Kids under 4 are welcomed for no price.

Population and Currency

Population: 144,444.

Currency: US dollars

Maui Climate

Maui is a tropical island with temperature climates that are mild year-round. During the coldest months (December through January) the temperature averages around 75 Fahrenheit. The best times to visit would be around August through September when temperature are in the low 90s.

Common Phrases

"Aloha" - common greeting for "Hello", "Goodbye", and "Love"

"Ohana" - Family

"Brah" - Brother or close friend


First Day

Arrive at hotel and check in. Arrive around 7pm

Second Day

Spend day in Kapalua Beach located west of Maui

Third Day

Spend the day taking a helicopter ride through Maui and over Kilauea Volcano

Fourth Day

Morning trip to Molokin for snorkeling

Fifth Day

On your Own! Spend day in various parts of Maui or simply get pampered at the beach and hotel