Amazing Awesome 4 Poems (Anthology)

By: Bryan Lopez

Where I'm From Poem (The Bravest Family)

I am from internet from Windows and Apple.

I am from the brick house, beautiful, superior, as I walk into the kitchen I can smell the chocolaty aroma

I am from the area where the dark coco beans grow, as small as a peanut.

I am from the family that eats breakfast on Sundays and humor, from Lopez and Hector and Becky

I am from the one that spends money freely and everyone has to wear glasses.

From life is not fair and do good in school.

I am from god, where I do not go to church and still believes.

I'm from Japan and with Lopez with both Hamburgers on Sunday and Chicken Wings on Saturday.

From the story where my dad went to war, in Afghanistan twice, the struggle was hard and my family push forward with my mom calling every day.

I am from the house where my family achievements are, everyone has gotten their accomplishments in.

Narrative Poem (Where I Stand Today)

When I was a kid

I wanted to grow up

Wanting to be a adult

Now wanting to be a child

Having fun as before I grow tall

Going to school, gives good grades

Without them, I would stand lonely

With peers to help, I could not fail

By the end I stood right here

While making this special poem.

Odes Poem (The Silent One)

As I feel like I'm always loved.

I have a cat to cuddle with.

Every day it seems like we are in terms.

Now that deserves a treat.

That person is until the end of time polite.

My siblings may always hate.

But that doesn't stop me for taking the bait.

Even though she scratches our feet.

But that's always what a cat to be.

She runs in into the box.

That she meow for the talks.

Into the box where she was about put down.

We made the save and used her for an advantage.

May not know what is coming next.

Shall she ready for whatever maybe on her neck.

No one may be home, like there is dust in the room.

Dinner may come nearby smelling the delicious food.

She is cuddly with a hint of soft.

The most silent cat there will ever be.

Always playful and a proud parent like me.

Sonnet Poem (My Awesome Life)

From Super Mario World to Uncharted (A)

to Jenova Chen’s Journey and Flower (B)

I would be so busted if we parted (A)

When I play, I lose follow of the hour (B)

From Metal Gear Solid to Mirror’s Edge (C)

to Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS and Sly (D)

All of them always hang from a ledge (C)

by now there are too numerous of games to buy (D)

From Bad Company to The Orange Box (E)

to Nintendo’s Zelda and Donkey Kong (F)

I’m not what you would call one of the jocks (E)

but I don’t reflect on that was very wrong (F)

I’ve been playing since I was just a tot (G)

Oh video games, I love you a lot (G)