The Paul Fisher Life

Lake Windsor... What secrets do you hold?

<t/What's News?/t>

There is a many mysterious accourances at Lake Windsor Downs, I'm gtonna get ya all caught up, ready?

1. Paul moves to Lake Windsor Downs

2. Mush FIRE!!!

3. a 'minor' misunderstanding

4. Erik meets Arthur

5. Paul joins the soccer team

6. Mike is struck by lightning!!

7. The Erik Fisher Football Dream is 'starting to materialize'

8. Paul is kicked of soccer team.

<t/Erik Fisher Football Dream Update/t>

I'm sorry, but Erik is better than Paul in soooooooooooooooooooooo many ways. Except for... Soccer, intelligence, kindness, problem-solving, even. um. actually that's it. Sorry...

Tragedy Strikes

FIRST! MIke gets struck by lightning 'dead before he hit the ground'

TWO! Mom calls up a meeting for the football team!

MOYA close up.

some YA problems are...

1. his mother saying that paul has 'impaired sight', making it hard for him to do certain things

2. Erik being a complete douche, upsetting paul a lot.

3.PAul didn't make the soccer this has upset him a lot!


Paul is going to an upcoming soccer game, so he needs YOUR help! That's right! YOUR help!

All you got to do is donate 10$, and he'll send it to Pauls team!