Stress with High School students

What causes it?

What is the main cause with teens in high school today?

Is it High school classes, teachers, and schoolwork that stresses that stresses teens out the most, or is it outside of school stuff, like family issues and pressure from society on what "normal" teenagers in high school "should" be stressed about?
What stresses out high school students?
"Messages about nailing test scores, getting into the right schools, and performing to superhuman standards." ~Kristen Lee Kosta, from her article on Huffpost Parents
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"Students described the schoolwork, grades, and college admissions their greatest sources of stress" Alexander Ossola, from The Atlantic on an article called, High-stress High School
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"Members of the expert panel say that parents will go to great lengths to avoid taking their to an outside physician or counselor, as they believe their child will be labeled and such treatment will inhibit their child."

Above average students (Privileged kids)

“ Half of them are chronically stressed. The results aren’t surprising-between the homework required for Adv. Placement classes, sports practices, extracurricular activities like music and student government, and SAT prep, the fortunate kids who have these opportunities don’t have much downtime these days.”

Average or below average students

“Schools are stressful at the bottom because of physical safety.”

“..students noted that these demands did not always feel appropriate to their development levels. Instead they felt they were asked to work as hard as adults, or even harder, with the little time left for relaxation or creativity”

Most of the stressors these days are the opinions of others on you

“..they are peppered with constant reminders that they won’t be happy without the best-liked snapchat story, Kardashian-like rear ends, the latest phone upgrade, or hitting it out of the park scholastically, athletically, musically, socially, and even sexually”