JHW Inspire Academy - Rockdale

1st Six Weeks Newsletter

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We have been very busy here at JHW Inspire Academy - Rockdale, and would like to highlight the happenings of the first six weeks.

Math - Mr. Pantaleon

The students were able to learn about Rational Numbers (Rational and Irrational), their characteristics and how we use numbers in our daily lives. For example, when you are cooking you use a lot of fractions. Some students are learning how to change a decimal into a fraction, and how to add and subtract positive and negative numbers using the number line. While others are learning how to manipulate linear expressions.

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Social Studies - Ms. Bartsch

The first six weeks was spent studying the human migration and immigration patterns of European exploration and how the Unites States sits with relation to the rest of the globe. We also kept up with real current events by watching CNN 10, a daily broadcast for students. Students ask great questions and are interested in the world around them.
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English Language Arts - Ms. Aguilar

In ELA we are laying the foundation for students to become skilled readers and writers. Students have begun to generate content for their writer's notebook. It is important for students to practice writing to find their voice and gain confidence. They are doing a great job! We are expanding our class library. Students were surveyed about novels they would like to read, and we were able to add them to our paperback library for them to check out. As a class we have been reading a variety of texts to evaluate why writer's write and practice our skills with making inferences and summarization. Some classes enjoyed the work of Edgar Allan Poe.

Science - Dr. Forsyth

Science has been action-packed! We studied homeostasis; the biomolecules carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids; and elements, atoms and the periodic table. We demonstrated osmosis by removing the shells from eggs with vinegar, then leaving them in hypertonic or hypotonic solutions to watch them shrink or grow as they released or absorbed water. We have also examined several specimens under the microscope: fly eyes, bee and moth wings, a flea, a mosquito larva…and many others. Lastly, students demonstrated their understanding of biomolecules or periodic groups by creating “Vote for Me” posters for their favorites.

Credit Recovery

High school students have an opportunity to access online credit recovery through our Edgenuity software. Many of our students have seized this opportunity and are working hard to earn additional credits towards graduation. We already have one student who completed the entire Health course this six weeks!!!