Central America: Guatemala

By: Faith Noland

Guatemala is a beautiful country with lot's of cultural diversity and amazing sites. It is filled with history and is believed to be the beginning place for the Mayan civilization. There are many great places to visit there including Antigua, Monterrico, Raxruha, Livingston and Peten.

In Antigua you can do lot's of things and visit multiple places like:

-The Capuchinas Convent ruins.

-A historical park called Parque Central.

-Handicraft Markets to get authentic goods and meet local artisans.

In Monterrico you can:

-Go on marine wildlife watching tours.

-Go to nature reserves.

-Be welcomed at sea turtle hatcheries.

In Raxruha you can go to:

-The Laguna Lachua national park.

-The mountain range Sierra de Chinaja

-An old church called Iglesia Evangelica Asamble a de Dios.

In Livingston you can experience:

-Going on boat trips up the Rio Dulce.

- Adventurous exotic jungle tours.

- The Rasta Mesa cultural center.

In Peten you can do things like:

-Visit Tikal Mayan ruins.

-See Yaxha ancient ruins.

-Experience the Maya biosphere reserve.

In Guatemala you can experience multiple things, especially the food. Almost anywhere in Guatemala you can find Empanadas which are like meat turnovers. Also you can find the very Mayan Amaranth which is like modern breakfast cereal.

Are you ready to experience the cultural beauty of Guatemala?