Starving Artist

Is a Mouse and Keyboard Taking Over Pencil and Paper?

Technology and its advances

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What Is a Starving Artist?

A Starving Artist is a person who focus's on their artwork and completely ignores personal well-being. Any profit or income they receive is immediately put into their upcoming projects or to life off typical expenses.
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Does technology pose a threat to the modern artist?

Yes and No. Modern technology has given the Modern Artist the opportunity to enhance their art to exponential heights. While the price of these programs are costly, artist can save money to better make a living for themselves even if they have poor employment rates and bad businesses. On the other hand, technology has completely made artist who prefer pencil and paper absolutely irrelevant. Now the average person who has no experience in art whatsoever can create what an artist took years or decades to accomplish through practice and dedication. Or if wanted, people who specialize in technology can make an A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) to do it for them. Due to technology being so advanced, some artist have gone so far as to create works of art on prohibited property(making it illegal), thus causing technology to make more Modern Artist poor, unemployed, or even in poverty.
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Three-Dimensional Printing (3D)

Three-Dimensional printing has put "Treasures in the Artistic world" at risk. For example, if someone were to 3D print the Sistine Chapel's "The Creation of Adam", it could look like an exact replica to the original piece, having the signature,date, and all. If you do get one, however, the competition for the original piece will go down, furthering your chances of getting the original art. To contrast this prices may go down for the original piece because having an exact replica can make people believe that theirs' is the "true" original.
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The Modern Artist's employment rate is 26.7 percent, ranking four below Musicians who have a 84 percent chance of getting employed. Although in 2016 the unemployment rates have dropped significantly, being the lowest since 2001. Graphic Artist are getting a slight boost to employment as more new jobs are needed, companies are made, and commercials need producing.
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Free-Lance Artist

Free-Lance Artist, once they get their skills recognized, are supposed to generally wait for the customer to come to them, and only ask to do a project if it really interest them. what you need to be able to do is: Be time efficient with your work, make your work as "SPECTACULAR AS POSSIBLE" without it being messy and indistinguishable. Also, it is highly recommended that you be good with online Adobe system's like, Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-design. On the other hand, organization and time management is key, if you are not able to keep up with other people's schedule you will most likely not be recommended to other customers, also you can work at your own home, not needing to be in a secluded place and potentially feeling claustrophobic. If you have a bad reputation though, you may rarely, if not never get any request, causing you to try to get any opportunity you have in order to make a decent living. Further decreasing your chances of making profit and making a decent living. On the other hand Free-Lance Artist can choose their own prices for their work.
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What is Adobe?

Adobe is a well-known art program company that is located in San Jose, California. Programs that they have are, Photoshop: A program centered around photo manipulation, Illustrator: A program that is more designed for art and creation, and In-design: A program made primarily for postcards and so on. The Modern Artist have used these systems to make marvelous creations and "Make the impossible, possible". With these programs artist, employment rates have increased further being recognized in social media and all over the world.
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Art Apps

Art apps have made an impact on the Modern Artist in a good way. Modern Artist can save more for a better living, they can take more requests and become more time efficient, etc.

Apps like Sketcher, Drawing Box, and Doodle Buddy have all proven that all apps aren't just for fun and games, but can instead be used for getting jobs, earning college credits, getting a degree, finding a career job of choice, and so much more.

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As in the name, Starving artist give up on their own self-awareness in pursuit of their career. Giving up on self-awareness can be very detrimental to one's health and well-being, you could become obese, mal-nourished, mal-nutritioned, developing Osteoporosis from constant work, and worse. Trying to be healthy and happy while at the same time devoting your entire life to art can be quite the challenge, or maybe not even possible.
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When a child tells their parent that they want to be an artist, the parent makes the child concern about how much of a profit the modern artist typically makes. In fact the Starving Artist makes about 104,000 year. People make a generalization about the term "Starving", and assume that the Artist is going to have a difficult time making a living, especially with technologies advancements, when in fact it is the exact opposite.
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As said in the beginning, technology has put the Modern Artist at risk, having declining employment rates, A.I. has taken over the role of the natural art