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Mississauga Convention Centre or Grand Banquet Hall?

Mississauga Banquet hall provides us with Plan A: The cost of renting the hall is $150 and then charges your $10 each person. Grand Banquet provides us with Plan B: The cost of renting the hall is $100 but then charges you $20 each person. Which plan would you choose?

Equations and what they mean.

Plan A: C=10p+150

Plan B: C=20p+100

In both equations we see that there are two variables: C and p. C represents the total cost of the occasion and p represents the number of people.

Plan A and B are both partial variations because they have a straight up cost $150 and $100.

Plan B charges double for each person compared to Plan A.

y=mx+b form:

Plan A: y=10x+150. In this situation, m (slope) is 10 and y-intercept is 150.

Plan B; y=20x+100. In this situation, m (slope) is 20 and y-intercept is 100.

Ax+By+C=0 for:

Plan A: 10x-y+150=0

Plan B: 20x-y+100=0

Big image

POI of the equations




Substitute this into the equation



(5,200) are the coordinates for the POI where 5 represents x and 200 represents y.

Final Statement

The table of values evidently points out which Banquet hall is more practical based on the number of people you are inviting. If you are inviting less than 5 people, then Grand Banquet Hall is better (Plan B). If you are inviting more than 5 people then the Mississauga Convention Centre (Plan A) is a better option. The solution proves which venue is a better option by showing you a table of values and the it also shows when the cost would be the same.