Keeping the PACE

Fall Vol. 9 Issue 1

The Fort Bend Association of Parents for Academic Excellence

Established in 1990, PACE is a 501c3 non-profit parent support group whose purpose is to promote and encourage academic excellence in the Fort Bend Independent School District with a particular emphasis on gifted and talented education. PACE is not affiliated with FBISD, but is proud of our longstanding collaborative efforts to support and promote student success.

What's highlighted in this issue?

Helping Gifted Children with Common Homework Problems

This August 2020 article by Carol Bainbridge addresses reasons for homework problems and provides suggestions for tacking homework challenges faced by school-aged gifted children.

Gratitude Poem & Photo Submission by Dr. Laurie Westphal

Beautiful blossom,

Radiant and dynamic,

Enkindling joy.

Photo and poem are mine and I give permission to share – my neighbor has the loveliest flowers and I have asked his permission to photograph them (and traipse all over his yard). I have told him many times his yard makes me smile and I am grateful he has this passion that can brighten the day of others who pass by.

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Helping Gifted Youth Understand, Show & Embrace Gratitude

Does your child struggle with the concept of understanding or showing gratitude? This short article provides parents and educators tips to foster gratitude and kindness for kids whose academic and emotional maturity might not be at the same level.
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Want to help spread an attitude of gratitude?

PACE extends our gratitude to Dr. Laurie Westphal and 8th grader, Damon Willis, for helping spread an attitude of gratitude! Help us spread more! Send your permission and attitude of gratitude to:

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What is Existential Depression?

Two articles presented here help explain existential depression and why gifted individuals may suffer from this type of crisis. The first short article (a 2-3 minute read) "Why Gifted Children Suffer from Existential Depression" outlines possible symptoms and ways to help your child. The second article from Psychology Today, "Existential Crisis: Grappling with the 'Monster' Within", shares additional details on this topic.

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