The Grinch

Theme and Summary

The Theme Of the Grinch

We think that the theme of the Grinch is that there is more than the eye can see. We think this because in the text, it says "The Grinch, Who lived just north of Whoville, hated Christmas!The whole Christmas season. He hated Christmas in the beginning, although, nobody knew why. Also, in the text it says " Then he slithered and slucked, with a smile most unpleasant, and around the room he took every present." He was trying to ruin Christmas for the Who's. Then in the text it says, " Maybe Christmas, he thought doesn't come from a store, Maybe Christmas...perhaps... means a little bit more." He realizes that there is more than the eye can see. Christmas isn't just about the singing, and the presents, it is about so much more, All of these details support that there is more than the eye can see.


The Grinch is about a very grumpy man that lives North of Whoville, who absolutely hates Christmas, and nobody knows why. This Christmas, he gets the idea to ruin Christmas for all of the Whos. He dresses up like Santa, and takes a sack, and heads down to Whoville, where everyone is asleep. Then he stills everyone's presents, and food, and decorations. When everything is stolen, he stays outside, and waits to hear the devastation from the Whos. But instead, he hears Merriness, and realizes that there is more to Christmas than food and singing and decorations, it is about being with your family, and being Merry. The Grinch becomes happy, and spends Christmas with the Whos. He ends up loving Christmas!