Monday Memo

Weekly Campus and Principal Update

Welcome to Spirit Week! Tomorrow is Twin Day!

A few reminders:

1. UIL Eligibility Check will be this Thursday, 11/7, @ 4:30 pm. Your grades should be finalized at that time with very few exceptions. Please make sure your gradebook is up to date by that time. We cannot run mulitple reports to accommodate many late changes.

2. The report card is never the first communication home to parents about a failing students. It is expected that our teachers contact parents of failing students during the six weeks to plan for intervention in addition to notifying of failure at the end of the six weeks. Please note that report cards are not mailed home, and not all students share their report cards with parents ~ including my own!

3. All grades should be up to date weekly every Monday in your grade book.

4. IEP goal updates and accommodation trackers are due Nov. 12 for the 2nd six weeks. Sheets should be turned in to N105.

5. Next steps regarding teacher actions for students who fail the 2nd six weeks will be shared at the Leadership Team Meeting next week.

Mayor Larosiliere!

On Friday, we welcome our mayor to our campus to speak with our PALs on leadership. I look forward to his filming a Graduation Mindset learning module on the same topic for all of our students to benefit from his positive influence. Thank you, Chris Coats, for organizing this opportunity for our students!

Save the Date!

Our next staff meeting will be before and after school on Tuesday, Nov. 12. We will meet in the library. The morning session will begin at 8:15, and the afternoon session will begin at 4:25. If you still have your copy of the article "How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagement" from your mailboxes earlier this year, please read it in preparation for the meeting. If not, you may find a digital copy here:

Digital Poster Printer News

Here are some guidelines for utilizing this wonderful new resource for our campus. Before scheduling printing with the library, please think through the following questions:

  1. Is this poster for the entire student body or to support a campus-wide program or function?
  2. Will this poster be on display only in my classroom as a teaching tool or throughout the building as a campus-wide communication tool? Have I cleared where it will be posted with Ms. Theodore if outside of the Warrior Center and Cafeteria?
  3. 8 or less is a general guideline for getting enough visual access to students throughout the building ~ Will this be enough for my needs?
  4. Does this communication support Graduation Mindset, School Spirit, or School Connectedness?

If you've answered yes to the above questions, you should have no problems with publication; however, if you're not sure or have answered no, please contact Ms. Ojeda or Ms. Theodore for review.

In the event that our library team directs you to one of us, please know they are trying to follow these new general guidelines and may need our help. Thank you for understanding that we are wanting our resources to meet as many student and campus needs as possible.