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November 14, 2016

Summer Professional Development Opportunities

I wanted to make you aware of some incredible opportunities for professional development this summer. Fort Mill High School sends teachers to these two conferences annually. Each year participants come back giving rave reviews of their experiences. If you have interest in attending either of these events, please email me to let me know. Space is limited.

SC Midlands Summit--The SC Midlands Summit is a two day conference focusing on the integration of technology into the school and classroom with a focus on using Google Apps for Education, learning environments, innovation, transformation, 21st century skills and mobile devices for student learning. Over 130 unique sessions will be offered!

June 7th-8th, 2017

Blythewood, SC

Click here for more details

High Schools That Work (HSTW) Staff Development Conference--The HSTW Staff Development Conference provides a platform for K-12 practitioners to share innovative and proven school improvement strategies. Hear how teams of teachers, counselors and leaders prepared academic and career and technical education students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and the 21st-century workplace.

July 12th-15th, 2017

Nashville, Tenessee

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Read to Succeed

Believe it or not by the end of this month you will be halfway done with Read to Succeed (R2S). On behalf of Mr. Lentz and the entire R2S Leadership Team I want to say thank you for all your hard work, your positive attitudes, and your thoughtful responses. Hang in there, we are halfway done.

November's schedule is outlined below. Although we have a double dose of readings, responses, and journals, December is Read to Succeed free to allow you to close out the semester without the added stress of assignments. If that's not an early present from Santa, I don't know what is.

Week 1 Professional Readings (10/31-11/4)

Week 2 Off

Week 3 Google Responses Due (11/18)

Week 3 Department Meeting Reflection (Wednesday 11/16)

Week 4 PSG (Wednesday 11/30)

Week 4 Classroom Connection Journals (Wednesday 11/30)

Food for Thought

SLO Midpoint Conferences

Now that SLOs are approved and the preliminary period is behind us, we will turn our attention to midpoint conferences. Administrators will be reaching out to you in the coming week about setting up midpoint conferences during your planning period. This will be done in much the same manner as we completed final SLO conferences last year. For the most part these conferences are just "check-ups" on how things are progressing in your SLO courses. During the conference you will demonstrate evidence of student growth by reviewing the work of one student from Q1, Q3, and Q5 (stability) on an example assessment of your choosing.

The following is a message from Gina Jenkins about SLO Midpoint Conferences:

The midcourse conference is intended to be an opportunity for teachers and administrators to examine student thinking and instructional needs based on assignments that are aligned to the SLO Priority Standards. As a result of engaging in this activity, both teachers and administrators will examine work through the eyes of students and gain deeper understanding of the learning experience. To facilitate this discussion, teachers are asked to bring an example of a Q1, Q3, and Q5 student’s work to the conversation and to explore the following prompts which are built on the Analysis of Student Work Model.

Midpoint Check-In Guiding Questions

  • What were the students expected to do on the assignment?
  • What do you consider to be a proficient response on this assessment? Exactly what do students need to say or write for you to consider their work proficient?
  • As you look at each student’s work, what did you see that was interesting or surprising?
  • Based on your student work samples, what did you learn about how each student thinks?
  • How are students progressing towards meeting their goal?
  • Do you have any data that supports the need to adjust growth targets?
  • What additional support do you need in order to maximize student growth?

Quote of the Month

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Calendar of Events


  • November 2 FMHS Family Meeting--3:55 pm
  • November 9 End of M2 Grading Period--3:40 pm
  • November 14 R2S Leadership Team--7:45 am
  • November 14 Grades Due in Power School--8:40 am
  • November 15 Leadership Team Meeting--3:55 pm
  • November 16 Report Card Distribution--2nd Block
  • November 16 Department Meetings--3:55 pm
  • November 18 Students of the Month Recognition--10:20 am
  • November 28 School Improvement Council--4:30 pm
  • November 29 SAT Workshop--8:40 am-3:40 pm
  • November 30 PSG--Planning Periods