Nepal four seasons wearing slippers

Nepal four seasons wearing slippers

In the winter you can often see Nepal man was wearing puffy down jacket or leather jacket, and then covered with a thick shawl, wrapped head and shoulders, the following was barefoot wearing a pair of slippers ... ...

Nepal still retained many of the traditional lifestyle, as if for centuries the passage of time does not leave a mark on their body, which can be seen from their clothes.

Nepal people dress the most outstanding point is that few people wear socks, most people like to wear sandals or barefoot sandals. In addition to dress up corporate personnel, uniformed military and police personnel, as well as a suit other than urban youth, many barefoot all year round. Pay attention to some of the people wearing similar Japan clogs toe slippers or leather products; most people wearing plastic or straw slippers. Wearing the national costume of girls often like to paint on toenails bright red or purple, put on a gold bracelet or ring, beautiful feet show.

Explore Nepal reason people like going barefoot, but there are several.

A traditional habit. Historically, the Nepal people are engaged in farming industry, year-round work in the fields, to develop a habit of barefoot. So far, Nepal peasants still maintained his work habits, just when you're in town wearing straw slippers. Reporters attended religious celebrations in the local Nivard people, they are singing and dancing, they also have to be barefoot.

Second, climate issues. Nepal is not cold in the winter in most parts, summer heat, Kathmandu annual minimum temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius. Not too harsh climate makes Nepal without feet warm problem to worry about.

Third, economic reasons. In Nepal, slippers and sandals are very cheap commodity, one could buy, RS 20-30 per pair of shoes but, the equivalent of three or four bucks. Socks for the low income of Nepal who can save you money.

Four is the Hindu custom. Nepal people are mostly India religious needs often go to India Temple worship, Temple must take off shoes to show reverence for God, and that barefoot to show believers, pious.

It is said that Chinese exports to Nepal in commodities, only socks are not so popular.

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