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Are you looking to incorporate some new technology ideas into your classroom?

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Share to Classroom

We are seeing a great number of teachers who are using Google Classroom in their everyday curriculum. Which makes us super excited with the influx of student devices in the classrooms. We have heard feedback about getting all students logged onto your web resource in a timely fashion can be a challenge.

We recently pushed out a google chrome extension to all @spsd.us users which looks like the Google Classroom Icon. You may have noticed it in the top right of your screen of your Google Chrome browser.

This extension allows you to directly push a website to a student's device while they are logged in.

Follow these steps to push a website:

  1. You first must be using Google Classroom. If you are not using Classroom and you are interested. Take a look at https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/topic/6163304
  2. After you have students enrolled in your classroom. Open the website you would like your students to access.
  3. Make sure your students are logged into their Chromebook. On your computer click the Share to Chrome Extension in the top right of the Screen. The Extension looks like the picture above.
  4. A drop-down will appear. Select the Google Classroom you would like to push the Website too.
  5. You now will see the website that you are sharing and a Blue Push Button.
  6. Press Push
  7. The website will now automatically open on your Students Browser.

Student Practice Tests for the upcoming PARCC Assestment

If you are looking for tests to prepare your students for the upcoming PARCC test. Take a look at the materials Pearson has provided for all of the upcoming assessments.