Taiga Fun for all Learn and Play

Taiga is the Russian word for forest and the taiga is the biggest biome in the world. It stretches from Europe to Asia and it’s even in a large part in North America. The taiga has only snowfall. The black bear is a more commonly known animal that is an endangered species in taiga biome along with a Hawk Owl and Gray fox. Also in this biome grass, evergreen, and black spruce trees are producers, and the primary consumers are squirrels, caribou, and moose. The secondary consumers are Hawk Owls, bobcats and gray wolves and at the top of the food chain is the black bear. Two predator/prey relationships are the wolf and the moose the wolf eats the moose. And also the fox eats the squirrel. From Atlanta only way to get to this area of the world is to travel by plane or if you'd like to stay in the country you can travel by car, bus, or plane. The main clothes needed are clothing that cover the whole body to keep warm (Coats, Jackets, hats, sweaters, pants, shirts, socks, boots, and gloves). Some limiting factors in this biome are water, light, temperature, soil. Humans are destroying the taiga daily by mining, oil and gas exploration and road building. I promise if you come to this biome you'll learn a lot and have a great time while doing so.