Gerardo Martinez's Journal



In "A Long Way Gone," during chapter eight Ishmael remembers a quote from his father that he uses as inspiration to stay alive. The quote his father tells him is "If you are are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die." Ishmael sees that quote as a motivation to keep him to pull through and stay persistent. To me, that quote would also give me a sense of self-worth, and that every day I am alive is a blessing, which is true, and that being alive means that hope will always be there and always keep me going for me and the ones I love. The other sentence about if a person will die if nothing good is left in their destiny I also agree on. Anyone could have the bare necessities of life, but if they are not emotionally/mentally happy, they will most likely die for having no true reason/purpose to live. The quote explains that one must be happy just being alive, because it indicates that being alive means the future will bring greatness, and that being mentally unhappy/have nothing good in their destiny will not and simply die.

Ishmael Escaping Death-2/15/16

Throughout the novel "A Long Way Gone", the main protagonist Ishmael escapes certain death on numerous occasions. There were many instances where we would have met his demise, but the odds went in his favor, and helped him avoid peril. In one instance, Ishmael with his group of friends which included: Khalilou, Talloi, Kaloko,Gibrilla, and his brother Junior, were with another group of random civilians, were caught by rebels. the rebels picked off who would stay and join them to fight in the war, and who was too weak and would be shot. Ishmael was sentenced to be shot and killed while Junior was to become a rebel, but there was an altercation. In the time provided, Ishmael escaped,all by himself, to never see his friends,or his brother ever again. He escaped, but at the cost of being alone by himself with no one to help him. He must venture on with only himself to provide safety, comfort, and sanity.