Vanderbilt MEDLIFE

General Body Meeting

Join Vanderbilt's Chapter of MEDLIFE!!!

MEDLIFE is a Non-Profit NGO that operates on 3 continents and helps sustainable increase the health and quality of the low-income families. Travel to these locations and change the lives of people around the world as well change lives locally here in Nashville.

You have 2 Chances to Come Learn about MEDLIFE!!!

We are going to be offering everyone 2 different meeting times to come and learn about MEDLIFE! We hope to see you at at least 1 of our meetings!!!

1st General Body Interest Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd, 7:30pm

Sarratt 220

2nd General Body Interest Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 7:30pm

Sarratt 220

Join Us Online!

Connect with MEDLIFE on Anchorlink and our other social media to stay up to date with what we we are doing on campus!