Indiana Dual Language

October 2019 IDOE Updates

Dual Language Networking Day

We are anticipating a powerful dual language networking day with the assistance of Indiana University. As Indiana is moving towards using proficiency targets by grade level for our programs with ACTFL, IU will be presenting during our networking day to ensure that we all have the necessary background information. In order to take part in networking and free professional development concerning ACTFL, please complete the following Jotform: This event will occur at MSD of Washington Township at 8550 Woodfield Crossing Blvd in Indianapolis on October 29th from 9:00 AM EST to 3:00 PM EST.

Dual Language Program Grant Information

As part of IDOE’s continued support of bilingual education, the Office of Title Grants and Support is pleased to announce the expansion of the Indiana Dual Language Immersion Program grant. This expansion will offer funding to new as well as existing programs. There are four different funding tiers in order to encourage the growth of new programs while also providing support for the programs that continue to grow by grade level each year. Please see the attached memo for more information. The deadline for submission is November 8.

Indiana Online: ABCs of Dual Language Education

As dual language continues to grow across the state, having accessible professional development has become a priority, especially for new programs. Vesna Dimitrieska, Indiana University; Erika Tran, MSD Lawrence; and Nicole Leach, IDOE, created and implemented the first cohort of online PD. CAL's Guiding Principles were the focus as we dove into the following strands: program structure, curriculum, instruction, assessment, family and community engagement, and support and resources. We want to give a huge shout out to School City of Hammond, pictured below, and to Batesville, for outstanding participation in this group. In addition, Monica Schlank of Valparaiso received all 15 PGPs while Osiris Morales of School City of Hammond received 14 of the 15 PGPs. This took a large amount of time and dedication on their part. If you were part of this cohort, please complete the the final evaluation found here.
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Spotlight on Lawrenceburg Primary School

Indiana added three new DLI programs for the 2019-2020 school year. Lawrenceburg Community, MSD of Washington Township, and School City of Hammond each have begun implementation. Lawrenceburg Primary School has started with serving both kindergarten and first grade students through their one-way DLI program.

The vision statement for Lawrenceburg Primary is to support all students to attain high levels of academic achievement, bilingualism, biliteracy, and cultivate cross cultural competency through rigorous standards-based instruction and high levels of student engagement. The most beneficial PD for Lawrenceburg has been the C6 Biliteracy Framework with José Medina and school visits in Utah. A challenge and success that Lawrenceburg has experienced is that the program had to have a lottery for their Kindergarten cohort as there were more than sixty students interested in the program!

Immigrant Welcome Center: Capacity Building Training for Institutions

The Immigrant Welcome Center is offering training that will provide teams an opportunity to unpack the layers of culture, privilege, and power. This training enables a safe space for organizations and institutions to examine their own person ideas and biases, while moving forward by learning tools to implement cultural humility practices when working with the community.

Fall Dual Language Webinar

Our fall dual language webinar covered an introduction to ACTFL, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Indiana's new World Language standards, located here, now closely align to the ACTFL standards. The slides from the webinar give descriptions for the breakdown of each ACTFL proficiency level which will also be used for our dual language targets.
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The Novice Level

A student at the novice low level has a word count of 50 to 100 words with basic vocabulary and high frequency memorized phrases.
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Novice Mid

A student at the novice mid level forms simple sentences, asks and answers simple questions, and gives short descriptions with memorized structures.
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Novice High

A student at the novice high level forms elaborated sentences, asks and answers questions with some detail, and makes frequent structural errors.
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How Miami's Coral Way School Paved the Way for Bilingual Education in the US

Click here to read about Coral Way School the start of the first dual language program in 1963. Coral Way started in response to an influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants and refugees from Cuba.

Supporting Education at Home

Click here to read this article by Kathleen Leos, CEO of the Global Institute for Language and Literacy Development on suggestions for how parents can support their child's learning. While visiting this site, have you registered your school with Now would be the perfect time!
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