Atlantic Region

General Description

This region lines the Atlantic Coast of Canada. The island of Newfound land with Labrador on the mainland form one province.
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Who lives Where?

The Atlantic region was the first area where Europeans would settle in Canada. The reason why they came was because fishing was so good in the North Atlantic. Most people have been making a living by fishing which is leading to overfishing. Many people have moved away due to the government limiting the amount of fishing.
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Most people speak English as their first language because their families came from Great Britain for farming or fishing. There are a few French speakers as well.


Nova Scotia is said to be the birthplace of ice hockey. The story is that Canadians weren't happy spending long winter months indoors. They knew of a game similar to field hockey, then someone put on ice skates and it was born. Ice hockey has become popular in the United States as well.
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There are more lighthouses than other buildings because of the importance of fishing. The lighthouses help the sailors determine where they are in the ocean. They help guide ships, letting them know that there is land nearby, or warn sailors about dangerous rocks.
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Economic Activity

In the 1800s when Europeans came, the Atlantic region had a strong economy because most of the population was making a living off of fishing. However, overfishing has led to limits on fishing. Many cod-fishing grounds were closed by the government in the 1990s, which led to putting a lot of people out of work. Farming is just as important, but poor soil limits the possibilities for farmers. Forestry is a growing industry , as these companies are producing lumber as well as pulp for paper.
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