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We Appreciate Your Earnest Participation!

Dear Friends,

We really feel like we have grown to know you and your passion for doing what is good for students.

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but, it's so worth it! We can tell that our summer content developers put their hearts into the work they submitted to EduPaths, and as users begin to login and participate in these new courses, the feedback has been positive.

It seems we hit the "pot of gold" by reaching out to our educators for content.

You will see the list of newly published courses below. Looking forward to a new round to share with you next month as well!

Thank you for all you do to support Edupaths!!

The EduPaths Team

March is Busy Conference Month

EduPaths will host a booth at MRA and MACUL. Be sure to stop by and say, "Hey!" If you are available, join us for a few hours behind the booth!

We will be presenting at MACUL, and will be promoting our EduPaths MOOC. A MOOC is a "Massive Open Online Course/Content." Based on the number of facilitators, we will be able to recruit 125 users to participate around the state. Planners for the MOOC are currently getting that work organized. More information will be available on Friday, March 10 @ our Ambassador meeting.

Ambassador Information & Friendly Reminders

  • Be sure to update your Ambassador Logs and keep them current as you participate in presentations or trainings for EduPaths.
  • Diane will be following up with Addendums to your Ambassador contracts with language including work you do for the project through subcommittees. They are going through final review and will be coming to you soon.
  • Here is the list of subcommittees. We will be taking time at our Ambassador meeting to connect with our groups.

Resources always available to you. Let us know if you need resource updates!

Let us know if you have questions or would like more information on anything EduPaths related. Happy to help!

New Courses Just Published & Others in the Pipeline

Courses Published:

  1. Homeless Education
  2. Movement and Talking in the ELA Classroom
  3. Introduction to Screencasting
  4. Interactive Technology in the Classroom: ThingLink
  5. An Introduction to Project-Based Learning
  6. Improving Leadership with GAFE
  7. Influencing Student Engagement and Motivation in a PBL Classroom
  8. Introduction to Flipped Instruction
  9. Introduction to Comprehension
  10. Screencasting to Support Student Learning
  11. Sound Boxes to Help Your Students to Improve Their Reading and Writing
  12. Flip It! - Engaged Professional Learning
  13. Classroom Management Strategies/Interactions/Techniques
  14. Missed Manners: Grace and Courtesy for Young Children
  15. Teaching Elementary Music in One Hour Per Week
  16. Discovering the Para-educator Professional Development Standards
  17. Introduction to Standards Based Grading Practices (Secondary)

Courses in Development (published late March/early April):

  1. Integrating STEM into Science Using a Variety of Growing Medium
  2. MI Excel Coaching: Using Data to Support Instruction
  3. Writing Conferences: Purposeful Feedback
  4. Total Participation Techniques Using Technology
  5. Assessment/Technology in Physical Education
  6. Building a Bridge of Communication with Families in an Elementary Classroom
  7. Beginning Writers
  8. Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Setting
  9. Flipped Instruction in a Blended Lower Elementary Classroom
  10. Digital Badges Primer for Out-of-School Time Staff
  11. Begin to Blend: Designing Blended Lessons for the Classroom
  12. Using Scaffolding to Assist Young Students with Research Through Project Based Learning

Our complete list of courses - those mentioned above and those yet to be developed - are included in this Google Doc. Feel free to use as is most useful for you.

There was a request for course publish dates. We have been able to extract that information from a few sources. Here is our complete list to date. DATES PUBLISHED

We Appreciate the "Treasure" You Bring to EduPaths!

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Learning is Professional Growth's "Pot of Gold!"

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