Roberts Library Update

Week of January 14th

Library Classes This Week

Students will NOT need chromebooks this week.

PreK and Kinder: FIRST checkout!!!

First-Fourth: We will be working on the Great Texas Mosquito List books

Donations Needed

I am seeking donations for board books. We are trying to start a Pre-K book collection. If you have any gently used board books left over from your children's baby days, we would love to take them off of your hands.

What About the Grownups?

I have recently learned that this campus is full of adult readers! This makes me so happy!! Over the holidays some of us shared book suggestions. Mrs. Nabors suggested that we create a "grownup" book collection (I just can't bring myself to say adult book collection...sounds trashy...hahahaha). I think this is a great idea!

We will place a bookshelf in the lounge sometime in the coming weeks. If you have books that you have LOVED and would like to share with others, please add them to the bookshelf. Let's make sure that they are books you don't mind parting with. I am not going to do any official checkout system, so it is likely they could be misplaced and not returned. Please also use this only for really great books. Since we have this one bookshelf only, I don't want it to become full of all the books we disliked and want to get rid those for Goodwill. HA!

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Classes

First: Mrs. Sanders' class for having 91.8% accuracy this nine weeks!

Second: Mrs. Richards' class for having 90.4% accuracy this nine weeks!

Third: Mrs. Brown's class for having 90.4% accuracy this nine weeks!

Fourth: Mrs. Kneupper's class for having 90.8% accuracy this nine weeks!

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Students

First: Isaiah Kifer for earning 7.4 points so far this nine weeks!

Second: Tucker York for earning 6.8 points so far this nine weeks!

Third: Landon McGinnis for earning 21.5 points so far this nine weeks!

Fourth: Yashir Villa for earning 70 points so far this nine weeks!

Classes Currently in the Lead

First: Mrs. Sanders' class with 80.4 points!

Second: Mrs. Richards' class for earning 41.8 points!

Third: Mrs. Diehl's class for earning 71.8 points!

Fourth: Mrs. Rife's class for earning 158.2 points!

Look Who Made Reading Team!

Lyla Dolezal, first grade

Diosselina Bernal, first grade

Nate Funk, first grade

Damien Harrison, first grade

Serenity McBeth, first grade

Lily Roach, first grade

Avery Smith, first grade

Zoe Brannan, third grade

Landon McGinnis, third grade