The Amazon: The World's Melting Pot

By: Ty'ana Ivory


The Amazon is located in South America, 60% in Brazil, 13% in Peru, 10% in Columbia, and the rest is spread over Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Guyana.


The Amazon Rainforest influences the rain as far as the Western United States and Central America. It is also produces more than 20% of the world's oxygen. Most importantly the BIODIVERSITY, hundreds of medicines we use everyday were found in the Amazon.


Harmful Activities

Deforestation is the most harmful, when loggers cut down the trees to make other products or for medicines it is taking away a habitat from other animals.
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Brail launched the largest forest conservation project called the "Amazon Region Protected Areas". With this they try and save the rainforest because of how important it is to the survival of this world.

Ty'ana Ivory