Leap Into Literacy Kindergarten


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Reading Workshop Unit 2 Reading Super Powers!

Super Readers have super powers! This is a playful unit that capitalizes on what makes Kindergarten so special, the fact that children learn through play, drama and exploring.

Kindergarten teachers encourage their young readers to call on super powers just like super heroes do! Show them that they can look and point and then read everything.
Prepare for a visit from "Readerman" and get ready for a personalized note and special power pointers to harness the power of 1-1 matching. Encourage readers by telling them that things will get hard and they will run into trouble, just like superheroes do. That's when we tap into out picture power, reading words in a snap and not giving up.

Books come to life as students learn to read with fluency, expression and drama. We retell books to others, talk about them, scoop up words, pay attention to punctuation and give the gift of reading to someone else by sharing it.

Aha moment!

Did you know that in levels A and B you aren't looking for accuracy from your students, but how well they one-to-one match and use the pictures? As soon as they control these behaviors move on up to that C!

*BAS assessment standards still stand for the official assessment.

How-To Writing

Students become the teachers in this fun, active, try-it-out unit as they learn procedural writing. Reading and writing is linked in this unit, as what your beginning writers learn will have payoffs for that child’s work as a reader.

Keep in mind that the information writing your children do during the writing workshop should be cross curricular as their how-to writing relates to science and social studies!

Students can strategically place their books by gifting them to local shops! "How to Give a Dog a Bath" can be shared with your local dog groomer! "How to Make Guacamole" can be shared with a local restaurant! What a way to teach students the power of a genuine audience!

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