Welcome to Wethersfield!

Hopefully you won't live next to a witch!

Welcome to Wethersfield!

Dearest Kit,

If you are to spend time here, you must know the basics. Watch out for the Indians! They've lived here for centuries. A Quaker, Hannah Tupper, lives in the Meadows. Stay away from her, Quakers are all trouble. Not only that, she's a witch. God doesn't even know what she's capable of. Keep your distance, the consequences are deadly.

Places You'd Want to Visit!

Surviving Church- what you'll need to know:

1. Services are long, expect it to be uncomfortable and boring (if it's possible, bring a pillow).

2. There are two services, be ready.

3. Attending is mandatory, otherwise you're taxed.

4. If you're going to church with Uncle Matthew, stay away from frilly outfits. They disgrace the Lord.

Church Hymns... You'll be hearing these a lot

English Puritans and the singing of Psalms

Accessories for Church

You might as well try to fit in!

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Revrend Gershom Bulkeley

The Priest of the Meeting House

You really don't want to annoy him! How can you avoid this during Dame School?

  • DO NOT (under any circumstances) act out the Bible! It is unacceptable and makes a mockery out of the Lord.
  • Be strict, children must be on a tight rope.
  • Follow his orders and rules. Otherwise, you won't be allowed to teachl.
  • If you can, teach off the Bible. Every child should learn to read the Bible.

Extra points if you can manage to satisfy his notorious sweet tooth!

The Gallows

Tuesday, June 21st, 11:45am

The Gallows

You'll end up here if you are accused of being a witch.

How can you avoid this? Here are some tips!

1. Don't befriend someone accused of witchcraft, and if you must visit a 'witch,' do it secretly. Being involved with a witch means you too, are a witch.

2. Be nice to important people. They won't accuse you of preposterous things if they like you.

3. Don't swim in public! Witches are associated with being able to swim without drowning. If anyone sees you swimming, you will automatically be accused of witchcraft.

4. Don't read anything other than the Bible. Women are not supposed to be able to read plays and such books.

Things You MUST Celebrate:

  • Weddings! (Especially your cousins!)
  • The return of someone from war (Definitely when John Holbrook comes!)
  • Courtings (Proposals).
  • The Husking Bee. This is a large harvest party that is definitely a must-go!

Healing is Key!

How to cure illnesses:
  • Seek out a local healer or minister.
  • Spiders (swallowing one helps cure a fever).
  • Leeches (a common cure, they suck 'excess' blood).
  • Maggots (they remove rotting flesh).

Note: In these times, it was believed most illnesses and diseases were caused by 'excess' blood.