What is GPS? What does it do? How does it help us?

What is GPS???

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS is an accurate worldwide navigational and surveying facility based on the reception of signals from an array of orbiting satellites. We use GPS in our everyday lifestyles e.g. SAT NAV. GPS war originally used to assist soldiers and military vehicles; planes and ships. However GPS isn't just here to help people find their way around places, it also has an important role in the eart sciences. Meteorologists use it for weather forecasting and global climate studies; and geologists can use it as a highly accurate or surveying and in earthquake studies to measure tectonic plates during and inbetween earthquakes.

What does GPS do???

GPS has many uses some of which that were used during world war are now being used during current wars, take Afghanistan for example. GPS also allows a user to tell exactly where they are located. It determines a user's location and then displays it on the unit's electronic map. GPS can also help out the deaf people because they can't hear what people are saying, so by having GPS on a smart phone they can see where they are and see where they want to go. It also helps people who are blind by using brail and talking out loud so they can either hear or use brail to get their way around places.  

What are the dis-advantages of having GPS on our smart phones???

As well as there being many advantages of having GPS on our smart phones it also has its dis-advantages. Some of the dis-advantages of having GPS on our smart phones is that our parents would be able to track us, if they had GPS on their smart phone. This means that we wouldn't be able to lie about where we have been, because they would have been able to have seen exactly where we were. However that does mean that we get to see where they have been as well. Also GPS devices are limited by having clear access to the satellites that provide the tracking. In locations with tall buildings or sparse coverage, reception can be poor. Another disadvantage is the price, as some GPS' can be pretty expensive to buy.

Apps on GPS

There are quite a few apps for GPS to download onto our smart phones. The one above is just one example of what they can look after we have downloaded it onto our smart phones. Some of the apps are:

AmAze app


Free GPS

GPS log books

GPS logger




These are just some of the many apps which we can download onto our smart phones to help us find our way. The apps which I have written above are all free apps, which each have their own ups and downs.