The Enigma Machine & The Colossus


The story of the Enigma

  • The Enigma machine was used during the second world war
  • it was used by the germans to create to send plans secretly to their allies.
  • we sent spy's from Poland to germany to find out more on how to de-crypt their plans
  • the three polish mathematicians returned to poland and solved it sending London copys of the Enigma code and how to solve it.
  • shortly after the germans invaded Poland and killed or tourted the three men.
  • the men never gave away any information.

The Colossus


  • The Colossus was created by Tommy Flowers in Dec 1943 it was released and june 1945 it was discontinued.
  • its purpose is the first digital programmable computer.
  • 10 units were shipped
  • it was the first geniration of the computer