Meet Marissa!

Sophomore, Major: Mechanical, Minor: Biosystems

A little about me...

I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I started my freshman year as Engineering Undecided. I initially had a hard time trying to find the right path in engineering for me because I'm interested in everything: from art history to medicine, from vector calculus to economics. What helped me decide? Engineering 102A/B (a first-semester requirement that exposes students to the 14 different engineering majors at U of A) and my engineering advisors (they helped me customize my degree by adding a minor in biosystems engineering).

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Career Paths That Interest Me

Favorite Engineering Innovation At The Moment

The Ecodyger is an Italian-made commercial composter that reduces the volume of your organic waste by 75% or more, and therefore reduces the amount of waste you send to already-overflowing landfills every year. This technology turns your organic waste (biodegradable foods and products) into a usable, nutrient-rich soil amendment.
Ecodyger Pro