Termite Control Kennesaw

In termite-prone areas, it is a good idea for people

What Georgia Homeowners Should Know About Termites

Homeowners always worry when an inspection reveals termites in their home. The worry is not without cause. Termites cost Americans about $5 billion a year in repairs and in examination costs. The destruction they leave behind can compromise the safety of the structure and it can happen without the residents of the home realizing any pest invasion has taken place. All homeowners should be aware of the risks and the solutions for termite infestations.

When They Arrive

Termites swarm at various times of the year. The climate of Georgia is appealing to the insects, so their swarming season can last from as early as February to as late as May. The insects are not a threat only during these months, this is just the time when they build their colonies. Once the colony establishes and settles in a home the group can cause destruction throughout the year.

When to Call

In termite-prone areas, it is a good idea for people to begin protecting their home the moment they move in. Early treatment services are easier and more affordable that termite eradication and cleanup. Using regular Pest Control Kennesaw residents can protect their home year-round. Homeowners without a prevention plan in place should call for help as soon as they spot termites in their yard.

What to Do

Aside from calling Termite Control Kennesaw homeowners can contribute to the effort of termite prevention. Install a 6-inch deep stone barrier around the perimeter of the home to discourage subterranean termites. Keep exterior lights off during the swarming season and clean up the yard to avoid debris and water collection that may attract the insects.

An untreated termite infestation can completely destroy a home in about a decade. However, the damage begins immediately. Termites are busy creatures and they breed quickly. A queen can live up to 25 years and produce a million offspring during her lifetime. Once termites mature, they move on to form other colonies. A home that is not treated that acts as a breeding area for the insects could put a neighborhood at risk. Avoid vulnerability to the destruction of a termite colony. Contact a pest control specialist for a treatment plan today.