The Great Deodorizer Spray

By: Tyler LaCroix

The Beginning/Point A

  • At first I wasn't sure what to do
  • I was just thinking but I came up with the idea that
  • what if I could make a spray that can wax your hockey stick tape
  • I went on with that thought for about 3 weeks.

The Middle/Point B

  • After 3 weeks I gave up on what I thought was a great idea but some didn't.
  • Then that's when i came up with this product my deodorizer spray.
  • With this I thought that it was a new day for something great to happen.

The End/Point C

  • No idea what to look for
  • Eventually found out
  • Went to the store to buy the ingredients
  • Then made it
  • and now use it for my own uses


Main ingredients

  • 35 drops of Tea tree oil
  • 35 drops of Spearmint oil
  • 20 drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • 2 ounces of Witch Hazel
  • 4 ounces of water

Reasons why I choose this topic

Main Focus
  • Find a safe way to deodorize any sports equipment
  • To make smelly equipment smell good
  • stop the complaining parents

Some good points

  • it smells good
  • Is safe to the skin
  • Makes sure your parents don't complain about the smell
  • Makes sure your not the smelly kid
  • Also is made with all natural oils

What went wrong

  • skin would burn off, at first
  • can't have it directly on the equipment
  • time consuming

What went well

  • It works
  • doesn't burn your skin off
  • No one complains about the smell
  • get rid of bacteria and fungus


  • Switched topics
  • Finding ingredients
  • Other ingredients to work with
  • Finding out how much to put

Blog Posts

Blog One

Goal: For the start of something new I want to create something new but not really common, I want to create spray on wax.

Out come: as I research more into the spray on wax and the materials for it.

Blog Two

Goal: Finding out other mixtures that would make wax spray able

Outcome: No luck finding out what would go with wax to make it spray able except that I found out what is in most hockey wax, micro crystalline which is used in many other different products.

Blog 3

Goal: find out why spray on wax doesn't work.

Outcome: I have switched from spray on wax to deodorizer for spots equipment

Blog 4

Goal: start to find ingredients for the sports equipment deodorizer

Outcome: Having a little trouble finding the ingredients

Blog 5

Goal: find more about the ingredients in the deodorizer

Outcome: found out about one ingredient called tea tree oil