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Excellence Without Boundaries

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Making the Most of Every Day

Greeting Ranger Families!It is my pleasure to begin a new tradition at ARMS, The Rangers Connect bi-weekly newsletter. The newsletter will be available online on the first Wednesday of every month. The newsletter is designed to share: Principal messageCohort messagesStudent and Staff SuccessesIntroduction of new programsCampus procedure updatesTeacher / Staff Recognitions Upcoming Events/MeetingsYes, Spring Break is quickly approaching, but this time of year is critical. Our collective attention toward students' academic success is paramount. Students' time in class is when the most difference is made. Therefore their focus and attention to their own success is an expectation. Students' progress is being monitored closely by all their teachers, so real-time support can be provided to address their needs. If additional time is needed beyond class time students are being invited to attend tutoring, during lunch or after school. Please support your students' active participation. I encourage all parents to diligently check grades weekly (Parent Portal) and communicate with teachers via email or phone. We are partners in the success of our students and I thank you for all you do! Excellence without Boundaries!F. Taylor

ARMS Staff Recognized by Peers

How do our students receive additional instructional support?

Saturday Sessions:Students are receiving invitations from teachers to attend our Saturday “Charge UP to STAAR”, sessions. Every Saturday a different content area will be highlighted, so please be aware of the invitation from your students’ teacher. We make a weekly phone call out to our parents confirming the subject and grade levels being tutored each Saturday. After-school Sessions:Teachers provide After School Tutoring for students Monday—Thursday from 4:10 to 5:00 or 5:30 p.m. Special Note: Transportation arrangements must be made to ensure students are picked up at the appropriate time.

How do ARMS teachers expand and deepen their learning?

Teachers participate in an intensive day of instructional development

On Friday, February 20th Math, Science, Reading Language Arts, and Social Studies teacher’s experienced content specific professional development at ARMS. Region 10 and SMU facilitators engaged our teachers in learning about developing students’ academic language in Science and Math strategies around probability and measurement (our challenge areas). Our district provided a full day of training for Fine Arts and Elective Teachers.

Ms. Andrus, 6th Grade Principal commented, "The information gleaned definitely resonated in particular with this particular quote because the new learnings constant “ah ha moments”… 'Education is a movement from darkness to light.' ~ Allan Bloom

What new programs are at ARMS?

ARMS was invited to participate in the ASM program which allows students who are staying after-school for an activity (tutoring, athletics, or clubs) to eat a meal. The meals are provided to students from 4:10 to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday—Thursdays.

Parents are Teachers, Too

Before your kids started school, you were their primary teacher instructing them in the ABCs and 123s. Now that they’ve moved on to more complex subjects, it’s likely that you’ve shifted into the role of coach, making sure they finish their homework and get to school on time. Read more

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Tardy Consequence: Students serve lunch detentions for not arriving to class on time.

It is critical that students arrive to class on time every class period, of every day. This time of year is about maximizing every instructional moment. Please stress to your students that on time arrival is expected. Tardies add up to absences which impact students academic success. Thank you for your support.

Class of 2021 "Owning our Own Future"


This week in 6th grade we are focusing on the student core belief “there is no excuse for not being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.” Parents please encourage your students to embrace positive interactions with their peers and bring their supplies to school every day.

We are in the middle of a successful school year and need your help with keeping our students focused and prepared.

Class of 2020 "Learning Today Leading Tomorrow"

ARMS 7th Grade:

Parents, this year the theme for 7th Grade is Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. With that in mind, we have raised the expectations for our students to be leaders in everything that they do, especially as they move into the 8th grade and will be looked upon as the leaders of our school.

We are asking and expecting them to take responsibility for themselves in the area of getting to school and class on time and being prepared. Thank you for your support as we teacher your students to be our leaders.

Class of 2019 "Excellence without Boundaries: There are levels to this! "

ARMS 8th Grade:

The Class of 2019 has been challenged to do everything this year with excellence! Excellence in their character, conduct, and education have been the expectation all year. Due to this mindset, many of our students have soared in their academics, athletic s, fine arts competitions, as well as academic competitions.

As a reminder, students must have met the standards in three areas to stay on track for promotion: Grades, Attendance, and STAAR. Teamwork will help your child reach their goals.

Your continued commitment to partnering with the ARMS staff to ensure your child’s best is cultivated inside and outside of the classroom is greatly appreciated!

Good News @ ARMS

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On the Horizon.... (4/1-4/30)

STAAR Mock (Thursday, April 2nd)
8th Science

School Day - Inclement Weather Make-up (Friday, April 3rd)

Saturday School (April 11th)
Algebra 1
8th Science
8th Social Studies
8th Math

Saturday School (April 18th)
Algebra 1
6th-7th Reading
6th-8th Math

STAAR Testing (Monday, April 20th)
8th Math

STAAR Testing (Tuesday, April 21st)
6th & 7th Math
8th Social Studies

STAAR Testing (Wednesday, April 22nd)
6th & 7th Reading
8th Science

Saturday School (April 25th)
Algebra 1
8th Reading (retesters)

Report Cards (Monday, April 27th)

ARMS Vision

To be a flagship middle school at the hub of the community, nurturing diverse leaders and empowering intelligent trailblazers.

Superintendents Scholarship 5K Fun Run!

Mark your calendars and let's have an ARMS Ranger presence on May 16th! Any ARMS runners in the midst that would like to "rally the troops?" I will be your first participant! Click here for more information.